What People Are Saying

Collaborate Feedback


“I find great value in attending Collaborate each year. The educational sessions provide an opportunity to speak directly with product experts and developers. Viewpoint connects me with other users to discuss how they use the software. I have met people from around the country that I stay connected to throughout the year.”

-Executive Vice President & CFO

“If you use any Viewpoint product – or are considering using any Viewpoint product – you should be here.”

-Software Manager

“Collaborate is a great event because you get to talk to other contractors and hear their stories – actually a lot of us are going through the same things. You get a deeper dive of the products and get to see the direction the company is going next. We always try to send a handful of our employees every year from all different kinds of roles because it is always beneficial for our business.”

-Director of IT

“Having attended four Spectrum conferences in Seattle, I didn’t know what to expect from the Viewpoint conference in Portland last year. It turned out to be a really good positive experience! I took a few Spectrum IT classes as well as some Viewpoint IT classes, and I learned quite a bit from the Viewpoint classes. You still see your Spectrum friends and get several chances to interact with the Viewpoint Spectrum team. You also have opportunities to learn about the other Viewpoint products in depth. I would encourage anyone using Spectrum – or thinking about using Spectrum – to attend the conference!”

–Data Software Specialist

“The time I spent in support last year discussing an issue now saves me hours every month. I have found out over the years that the money spent on the conference is normally money I will save thru out the year with new ways of doing a task or just get a refresher on those items that you do not do everyday.”

–Accounting Specialist

“It’s not even a question of whether I’ll be going again, I tell my manager I need to. It’s so beneficial. Just to get to interface with the software people and see what they’re actually building, give my feedback and know that it’s being heard – it’s really exciting.”

-Software Engineer

“Attending Collaborate was a great learning opportunity. There were great sessions to attend that included speakers that helped you grow in your professional career along with learning about the software. The road map of what is to come was great to see and always a highlight. With the number of attendees, the networking was invaluable.”

–Corporate Controller

“We found the Collaborate Conference to be very beneficial. Coming from the Dexter Chaney, it was great to see the response of the Viewpoint users and we took comfort in knowing we were in good hands transitioning to a now Viewpoint Spectrum product. Hearing the road map for Spectrum moving forward was exciting with the resources being dedicated to enhance the software. We look forward to attending the next Collaborate Conference!”

–IT Leader

“I always have a great experience at the Collaborate User Conference. I learn a lot, eat well, drink well and get around the city very efficiently on the MAX light rail.”

–Senior Accountant

“I learned a TON! And I made connections that I know I’ll have for years to come.”

–HR Administrator

“I really appreciated the ability to spend time talking with the programmers about the modules and asking them questions directly about development.”

–Application Support/IT Manager

“The best part about Collaborate is the atmosphere: getting to meet other people in the industry, sharing stories about our company and learning about new products. The event was really well done and I’m glad I had the chance to network and learn new things.”

–Operations/Data Analyst

“I love how easy it was to talk to different ‘experts’ within Viewpoint to get answers to questions or new ideas on how we can solve our own problems/issues.”

–Project Manager

“All the class options were extremely informative. The Viewpoint booth in the middle of the Exhibit Hall was fantastic – the staff were great. The vendors onsite were welcoming without trying to constantly sell you something. And the presenters and their presentations were fabulous. They stuck to the point didn’t constantly drift off subject.”

–Project Manager

“We are just getting started with our implementation, and I came away with a good comfort level and several ideas to put into practice. Time well spent.”


“I love that I was able to get a clearer vision of Viewpoint’s direction and focus.”

–IT Director

“I truly appreciate the vision and roadmap overview as part of the General Session, as well as the strong outreach for customer input on the future roadmaps during the show.”

–Senior Contract Manager

“I always enjoy meeting new people, having some of the steps my company takes confirmed by others in similar positions and discussing/problem solving with other Viewpoint users.”

–Payroll Administrator