Convince Your Manager

Need Some Help Convincing Management?

Let us help! We’ve done this before, and we know the value. You may show them the testimonials or the video. You could have them talk to past attendees but, even then, they may be suspect. So, to assist your cause, we’ve pulled together this email copy to help you make the business case. Because, despite the fun, Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 is all about helping you do your job better and easier.

Re: Viewpoint’s Collaborate 2019 Approval

Hi [Manager Name],

We’ve discussed this in passing, but I wanted to pull together a formal proposal around the value of attending Viewpoint’s Collaborate 2019 User Conference in Portland, OR this September (22-26). More than 2,500 attendees will be there, many in roles similar to my own, and I’d love to learn both from the session content as well as the benchmarks we can get from speaking with other similar companies in attendance.

I think we all agree we can be utilizing our Viewpoint investment better with a bit of additional training and exposure. By gaining time with their team and other Viewpoint users, we’ll increase the ROI of our software investment.

The show also offers sessions on more than just product, so I’ll be able to bring some new ideas and best practices about the construction industry back to the whole team, not just the folks who use [insert your Viewpoint software here]. To demonstrate the value, I’m happy to quickly present on the key things I learned and how we’ll implement them during our next team meeting after the event.

At a total cost of $XXX and four days out of the office, we can speed up and evolve how we utilize their software — and see if there are updates that address our key pain points of:

  • [ex. An employee self-service portal]
  • [ex. A better workflow for our change orders]
  • [ex. Better job costing based on real-time data]

Estimate of costs:

Airfare to Portland, OR: $ XXX
Transportation: Round trip taxi from airport to hotel; all other transport can be handled via the free light rail pass. $ 100
Hotel: (4 nights at $205) $ 820
Dinner: 2 days at $50; all other food included with registration $ 100
Registration Fee: General $ 1499
Total: $ XXX

The registration fee includes all materials, breakfast and lunch daily, two dinners, the free light rail pass as well as access to session slides post conference.

Finally, Viewpoint always provides the opportunity to get in front of their executive, support and development teams onsite so we’ll be able to get a few of our questions answered regarding XXX, XXX and XXX.

Thanks for considering this; I’m happy to take questions from others at the organization and bring answers back for the whole team as well. Just let me know what else you think would be helpful.

[Your Name]

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